Viscosity Monoprints

monoprint is a single print created, in this artist's case, by painting oil-based lithographic ink onto a plexiglass plate and then transferring the image onto paper with a press.


To create a viscosity print you go one step further.  This form of printing creates a bleeding or mixture of inks and colors.  With heavy amounts of printer's oil I blend oil and ink and paint the plate.  To unify the picture areas on the plate purposely left blank.  Upon this plate a rolled color with no added oil to the ink is applied.  The oiled ink resists the uncoiled ink however a blending or filling is occurs.  Frequently, an added textural process takes place due to what pressure you roll the uncoiled ink on the plate.  Doing viscosity prints I normally pull one or two ghosts as I heavily apply ink with brushes on my plates.  This leftover ink on my plates allows softer images to emerge.

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